Combined Energy

cutting the cost of energy
Combined Energy provides a comprehensive energy management service for homeowners who want
to get the most out of their solar.
Combined Energy's intelligent gateway device monitors household energy consumption and solar generation, synchronising large appliances in the home to ensure they use the cheapest available energy throughout the day.

Our cloud based energy management system optimises household consumption based on pricing information, weather forecasts, and historical usage patterns.

The Combined Energy gateway can communicate with major battery inverter and electric vehicle charger brands, allowing seamless coordination of major household loads, storage, and solar.

Combined Energy Gateway

Why Combined Energy?
Combined Energy provides effortless energy optimisation
  • Maximise solar
    Extract maximum return from rooftop solar, and justify larger systems.
  • Minimise cost
    Buy energy when it's cheap by shifting loads away from peak demand periods.
  • Customize Schedules
    Retain control of your devices at all times with flexible scheduling tools.
  • Optimise Storage
    Coordinate your battery with household loads to maximise efficiency.
  • Analyse Performance
    Track the performance of your solar system and ensure it is up to par.
  • Invisible Technology
    The Combined Energy platform is an unobtrusive, set-and-forget system.
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